Research Themes

Heart Surgery

  • Cardiac valvulopathies and myocardial protection.


  • Organ procurement and transplantation.
  • Biomedical ethics.  Research ethics.  Ethics and public health.  Standards frameworks and professionalization.  Ethical decision-making process.  Ethical issues in risk assessment and management related to public and population health.  Professionalism and alternative and complementary medicine.  Ethics and biotechnologies (genetic material biobank, nanotechnology).  Medical education.  Measurement and assessment of ethical competencies in the clinical environment. 
  • Dialogue as an ethical competency (operational model intended to professionals).
  • Continuing improvement of quality in the maintenance of skills.
  • Functional digestive troubles. Colonic and anorectal pathologies.  Functional colopathy.  Constipation.  Fecal incontinence.  Psychosomatic pathologies.


  • Treatment of malignant brain tumors through improved delivery of cytotoxic agents in conjunction with osmotic opening of the blood-brain barrier.  Animal model studies and clinical trials.
  • Treatment of brain tumors through Gamma knife.
  • Neuro-oncology.  Blood-brain barrier.  Nanocarriers.  Gene therapy.
  • Experimental and clinical pain assessment.  Clinical Trials of analgesic approaches.  Study of endogenous mechanisms of pain control in animals and humans.  The role of sex hormones on pain.  Placebo effect.  Neurophysiological mechanisms of the neurostimulation of the posterior cords.


  • Patient teaching.  Persistence.  Closed-angle glaucoma..

Oto-Rhino-laryngology and Head & Neck Surgery

  • Role of the larynx in breathing and clinical ORL swallowing.


  • Shoulder surgery.  Arthroscopy.  Sport medicine.  Tendinitis.  Tissue engineering in orthopaedic surgery.  Car driding simulation and musculoskeletal affections.  Orthopaedic robotics.  Disc degeneration.  Orthopaedic biomechanical assessment.  Spinal fracture.  Vertebroplasty.  Workplace rehabilitation.  Back pain.  Musculoskeletal disorders.  Workplace disability.  Randomized trials.  Tertiary prevention.
  • Molecular regulation of aging skeletal muscle.
  • Development.  Gene regeneration and regulation.