Enterostomal Therapy Clinic


To provide residents and clerks in surgery with teaching, and offer an ambulatory consultation service to all ostomate people located in the Eastern Townships or who underwent surgery at the CHUS.

Target Clientele

  • New ostomate people having colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, internal continent reservoir or gastrostomy (adult);

  • People dealing with enterocutaneous fistula that require an ostomy bag;

  • Experienced ostomate people coping with care problems related to bracing or a complication in the ostomy or peristomial skin region.

Available Services

  • Postoperative teaching in order to complete teaching, to adapt equipment to the client's needs, and offer psychological support;
  • In case of a problematic situation;
  1. Evaluation of the clinical situation and implementation of an individualized treatment plan;
  2. If necessary, consultation request addressed to a specialist or other professionals (dermatologist, gastroenterologist, social worker, etc.);
  3. Transmission of CHUS-CSSS continuity of care sheet to follow through with teaching or the treatment plan;
  4. Follow-up provided by the Enterostomal Therapy Clinic until the problem is resolved.

Physicians in Charge

All general surgeons and urologists.

Service's contact information: CHUS Fleurimont Hospital, Telephone : 819 346-1110, ext. 14683.

Location: Outpatient Clinic, CHUS - Fleurimont Hospital, Letter H, room 8.

Appointments: Enterostomal Therapy, CHUS Fleurimont Hospital: ext. 14683

Contacts: Hélène Bouchard and Josée Morin, Enterostomal Nurses.

Other informations: Ostomate people refer to this clinic in case of care problems. Enterostomal nurses work in collaboration with the attending medical teams.