ABOU ELELA Sherif, Ph.D.

Full Professor


E-mail : Sherif.Abou.Elela@USherbrooke.ca
Phone : 819 821-8000 ext 75275
Fax : 819 820-6831

Research Relevance

Pr. Abou Elela’s team aims to understand the basic mechanisms that control the synthesis and stability of RNA in eukaryotic cells in order to understand how genes are regulated.  The work of this research team is expected to impact not only our understanding of how genes are regulated but also to lead to the development of new tools for the regulation of gene expression.

Pr. Abou Elela is a member of the oncology group of Sherbrooke University Hospital Clinical Research Centre and the RNA group. He is also the director of Sherbrooke University Functional Genomics’ Laboratory, the scientific director of the Genome Quebec RNomics Platform, and the coordinator of the RiboClub. Created by Genome Quebec,this service platform offers academic and clinical researchers, as well as national and international industry, the unique opportunity to profile RNA expression and splicing patterns in relation to the disease or phenotype of interest. Current emphasis is now on identifying novel markers for cancer but analysis of other diseases can be easily envisioned.

Due to the unique aspect and novelty of the technology developed in Pr. Abou Elela’s laboratory and used by the RNomics’ Platform, Sherbrooke University is at the forefront of RNA biology and its  diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Genome Canada and Genome Quebec have invested over 16 M$ in Pr. Sherif Abou Elela’s research projects and have made his findings available to other scientists through the RNomics Platform.

Representative Achievements

  • Over 40 original publications in high quality scientific journals (PNAS, MCB, EMO J, Current Biology, Cancer Research)
  • Three patents on RNA and Cancer
  • Functional Annotation of Essential Alternatively Spliced Isoforms, 10 M Genome Canada / Genome Quebec
  •  High-throughput functional genomics using modified nucleic acids technologies (MoNA), 5.8 M Genome Canada / Genome Quebec
  • Identification, profiling, and functional assignment of the expressed genome, 600 K Genome Canada / Genome Quebec
  • The mechanism of RNase III dependent post-transcriptional gene regulation, CIHR 605K / 5 year