Post-doctoral opportunities

Application form

If you wish to apply for a post-doctorate, please send an email to the professor in charge and attach to your message:

  • A cover letter for the project
  • Your updated resume
  • Your last transcript
  • Letters of reference from your previous courses if available
  • Your dates of availability.

List of available topics

Micro fabrication of multi-junction cells used in concentrated solar (CPV)

In the context of large research projects involving industrials and foreign partners, we are looking for students of all levels motivated by the micro-fabrication of clean solar cells. Download the detailed offer in pdf (french only)

3D integration of planar resistive memory in the back-end-of-line CMOS

The subject focuses on the realization and study of CRS memories using the nanodamascene fabrication technique developed at 3IT at the Université de Sherbrooke for the purpose of 3D integration on CMOS.

The candidate must have a Ph.D. specializing in nanotechnology, knowledge of micro-manufacturing processes and the clean room environment, good knowledge of semiconductor physics, electrical and physical characterization, deposit methods, ability to teamwork.

Send CV + cover letter + letters of recommendation by email to Dominique Drouin