Doctoral opportunities

Application form

If you wish to apply for a doctorate, please send an email to the professor in charge and attach to your message:

  • A cover letter for the doctorate
  • Your updated resume
  • Your last transcript
  • Letters of reference from your previous courses if available
  • Your dates of availability

List of PhD topics available

Development of a regenerative biosensor employing stacks of III-V quantum well microstructures

Download the detailed offer in pdf

3D Monolithic integration of TFET on a CMOS circuit

Thesis topic on the monolithic integration of transistors in CMOS circuit interconnection levels. Download the detailed offer in pdf

Micro manufacturing of multi-junction cells used in concentrated solar (CPV)

In the context of large research projects involving industrials and foreign partners, we are looking for students of all levels motivated by the micro-fabrication of clean solar cells. Download the detailed offer in pdf (french only).

Development of integrated biosensors

Medical diagnosis faces many challenges due to the length of tests, the amount of samples needed, the cost or effectiveness of current tools. At the interface between engineering and medicine, the proposed thesis topic focuses on the development of miniaturized biosensors aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the medical diagnosis of tomorrow. Download the detailed offer in pdf (french only)

Growth and Characterization of III-V Semiconductor Materials for High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Cells

The thesis project will involve the crystalline growth of materials by chemical beam epitaxy, the structural / electrical characterization of epitaxial materials and the electrochemical synthesis of nanostructures.

Send CV + 2 last transcripts + cover letter + letter of recommendation to Abderraouf Boucherif and Richard Arès

Measurement of the temperature in AlGaN / GaN HEMT transistors in operation - Improvement of the thermal conductivity - Cotutelle thesis

Canadian partner: Hassan Maher (UMI-LN2)

French partner: Jean Claude De Jaeger (IEMN), Marie Lesecq (IEMN)

Send resume + transcripts + letter of recommendation to Hassan Maher and Jean Claude De Jaeger

Development of integrated photonics components

Photonics is at the heart of recent advances in science and information technology. The proposed thesis topic focuses on the development of integrated photonic components aimed at increasing the efficiency of the tools of tomorrow. Download the detailed offer in pdf (french only)