Project title :

Smart Technologies for eneRgy Efficient Active cooling in advanced Microelectronic Systems (STREAMS)

Description of the project and context:

The STREAMS project is part of the European Horizon 2020 program and international projects of the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation of Quebec. For this, a consortium including companies, research centers and universities are working together to develop new technologies related to thermal management in microelectronics.

Cooling is becoming an increasingly critical aspect of microelectronics for managing chips with increasing power densities. However, air cooling is reaching its limits and the use of liquid cooling is becoming inevitable. The aim of the project is to significantly reduce the energy consumption of a liquid cooling system for microelectronics, in addition to offering a generic cooling solution. Thus, this project proposes a liquid cooling integrated directly to an interposer, thus avoiding the thermal barriers of the packaging.

Another critical aspect in fluid cooling is the generation of heat confined to small areas on the chips. The STREAMS project tackles this problem by proposing a solution that allows both generic and localized cooling management through a matrix of fluidic cells, thermomechanically controlled by self-adaptive microvalves. Micro-blades are added to the cooling cells to increase heat exchange when required. The fluidic system including pumping management of the coolant is also covered by the project.

Other technological developments such as a thermoelectric heat recovery system as well as heat flow sensors to anticipate heat requirements are also included in this project.

Dates :

January, 1st 2016 - June, 30 2019

Keywords :

Interposers, thermal management, microfluidics, microelectronics, hot spots, energy recovery, thermoelectricity, microvalves, microchannels.

Project holders:

Fréchette, Luc (UMI-LN2, CRN2)

Other partners:

  • Colonna, Jean-Philippe (CEA-Leti, France)
  • Savelli, Guillaume (CEA-Liten, France)
  • Manoli, Yiannos (IMTEK, Allemagne)
  • Keller, Matthias (IMTEK, Allemagne)
  • Billat, Sophie (Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft, Allemagne)
  • Barrau, Jérôme (Universidad de Lleida, Espagne)
  • Renaudin, Alan (C2MI, Canada)
  • Nicolescu, Gabriela (Polytechnique Montréal, Canada)

Students :

  • Amnache, Amrid
  • Collin, Louis-Michel