You are a student

You are a student and motivated by research, come to study or realize your internship within the CRN2.

Consult our internship, thesis and post-doctoral opportunities.

Feel free to contact researchers working in your areas of interest to discover other opportunities.

Depending on their affinities, the student can focus on applied aspects, fundamental aspects or doing numerical simulation work. In order to intensify the multidisciplinary nature of his work, he can also carry out his work by being co-directed by two researchers of the group. In the context of scientific collaborations, co-direction may in some cases be with an external researcher in Canada or internationally. The student can then extend his experience by performing one or more stays in a partner laboratory.

Through our many industrial collaborations, the student will also be able to gain professional work experience and build a network of contacts.

You are a company

CRN2 offers its services to the industrial community for both exploratory and collaborative research and for the development of prototypes in micro-nanotechnologies.

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, if you have R & D needs in electronics, energy, photonics, MEMS, biosensors or materials, we can help you.

By collaborating with CRN2, you will have access to a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure with a fleet of micro-nanofabrication and characterization equipment worth more than $ 35 million. An experienced professional and technical team will contribute to the success of your project as well as a large student community.

We can also help formulate your R & D projects while taking advantage of government funding opportunities and other mechanisms to stimulate industry research.

For more information, consult the Working with us page.

You are a researcher

CRN2 researchers collaborate with many academic partners around the world.

They are always on the lookout for new opportunities for scientific collaboration, so feel free to contact them to explore partnership opportunities.

If you want to combine expertise in electronics, energy, photonics, MEMS, biosensors or materials, we can help you.

For more information on types of collaborations, consult the Working with us page.

Welcome to CRN2

The Nanofabrication and Nanocharacterization Research Center (CRN2) is one of 35 research centers recognized and funded by the Université de Sherbrooke. With a remarkable level of state-of-the-art material sharing, research collaboration and industry partnerships, CRN2 has become one of the largest micro-nanofabrication structures in Canada.

Our research activities cover the fields of biochemical sensors and chip labs, micro-nanotechnologies for next-generation information processing and energy generation and management microsystems. The center stands out for its ability to produce complete and innovative devices.

CRN2 was also a major player in the creation, in 2012, of an international research unit from France and Quebec: the Nanosystems and Nanotechnologies Laboratory (LN2). Thus, CRN2 members and the vast majority of their activities are integrated into LN2. Both structures benefit from the very high-level nanofabrication and nanocharacterization facilities of the Interdisciplinary institute for technological innovation (3IT) and are located within its premises.