Professor Jeannie Haggerty

Department of Family Medicine, McGill University

McGill Research Chair in Family and Community Medicine, Professor Haggerty completed her master’s and doctoral degree in epidemiology-biostatistics at McGill University. She did her postdoctoral research training on health policy analysis at Université de Montréal (Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire en santé). Her research focuses on factors linked to the accessibility and quality of primary healthcare in Canada as well as in developing countries, and particularly on the impact of clinical practice guidelines and policy and health system reforms. Professor Haggerty is particularly interested in the profiling of physician practice models and gaining a better understanding of their impact on decision-making in regards to population health. One of her main fields of interest is the evaluation of patients’ and caregivers’ experiences with primary care, particularly in terms of continuity of care and its relation to organizational changes and professional practices.

Contact Information

St-Mary’s Hospital Center
Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Community Studies
3830 Lacombe ave
Montreal (Quebec) H3T 1M5 Canada

Tel.: 514 345-3511, extension 6334
Fax: 514 734-2652