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Club de lecture avec Jean-Philippe Ayotte-Beaudet et Hart Banack

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Conférences et séminaires
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Membres CREAS
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Description : Bindings against boundaries: entanglements of life in an open world

Dr. Ayotte-Beaudet of L'Université de Sherbrooke and Dr. Banack of the University of Northern British Columbia invite you to join us for a discussion of Tim Ingold’s 2008 paper Bindings against boundaries: entanglements of life in an open world (see full citation below).
In the paper, Ingold contemplates the supposition: “to inhabit the world is to live life in the open” (p. 1796). Through analysis of what place means, how humans describe and engage in place, Ingold arrives at the conclusion that “[t]he path, not the place, is the primary condition of being, or rather of becoming” (p. 1808). By way of an interrogation of “entanglement”, Ingold beckons us to weave our understanding and relationship of place to be one of a mutually emergent reality and enmeshes all, at each instant, producing what Ingold calls a “meshwork” “[E]very organism, indeed, every thing, is itself an entanglement, a tissue of knots whose constituent strands, as they become tied up with other strands, in other bundles, make up the meshwork” (p. 1806).
The paper’s novel and critical stances invite deep and profound consideration for educators writ large, and particularly for educators engaging in outdoor and land-based learning. Through a series of provocations and a close reading for Ingold’s paper, we will explore the landscape of Ingold’s musings with the aim of re-imagining our own pedagogical practices towards (re)-inhabiting place for transformational learning.

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