Welcome to the Pfizer Chair on Process Analytical Technologies in Pharmaceutical Engineering

Université de Sherbrooke and Pfizer* combined their efforts to create the Pfizer Chair on Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) in Pharmaceutical Engineering. The Chair pursues the following strategic objectives:

  • Acquiring knowledge on:

    • Physico-chemical phenomena ruling the behavior of particular processes involved in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products to which PAT can be applied
    • Technological transfer criteria based on mathematical phenomenological models (for example, scale-up or the implementation of new technologies) to which PAT can be applied

  • Implementing process and product controls based on PAT which allow faster process/product retroaction and/or correction
  • Training highly-qualified personnel in the Chair's domain, at the academic and the industrial levels
  • Consolidating a critical mass in research in processes and PAT domains in pharmaceutical engineering

Projects are accomplished with an integrated approach combining fundamental and applied research:

  • Fundamental R&D for elucidating the role of cohesion and adhesion forces in flowing powder behavior

    • Linking shear nature and extent with cohesion forces
    • Developing phenomenological models for the general categorization of flow and mixing/segregation tendencies
    • Exploiting residence time distribution to model flow patterns

  • Applied R&D on analytical techniques for the in-line measurement of  physico-chemical properties in processes involving particulates

    • Developing analytical techniques (wireless data acquisition)
    • Building robust "chemometric" models linking signals with properties
    • Designing the "chemometric" models to improve fundamental R&D
    • Modeling the behavior of process modules towards scaling-up
    • Integrating developed PAT applications into industrial partner systems already in place

* Initial agreement for the Chair was signed with Wyeth, which was subsequently acquired by Pfizer.