Governance Thrust

This research thrust aims at analyzing governance culture evolution, particularly in Canadian businesses, within the context of the new regulations applicable in each Canadian province.

It will make it possible to study the influence of institutional changes on the governance culture and financial performance of these companies. This involves understanding how governance, as it is practiced or should be practiced by businesses, can help create long-term wealth for all stakeholders, insofar as it targets inculcating a culture of financial integrity within the business’ culture.

Researchers in this thrust will study the potential connections between business characteristics, in particular their governance structures, and the occurrence of financial crime within these businesses.

Research Team

Hyacinthe Y. Somé
Assistant Professor
Responsible of Governance Thrust
(Departement of Finance)

Sylvie Berthelot
Full Professor
(Department of Accounting)

Michel Dion
Full Professor
(Department of Management and Human Resource Management)