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Baeta, R., Bélisle, M., & Garant, D. Determinants of sex allocation vary with breeding season quality in tree swallows. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B.

Charrette, Y., Rousseu, F., Mazerolle, M. J., & Bélisle, M.Tracking hummingbird foraging movements and patch use in the wild with passive integrated transponders. Auk.

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St. Clair, C., Bélisle, M., Desrochers, A., & Hannon, S. 1998. Winter responses of forest birds to habitat corridors and gaps. Conservation Ecology 2:

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Bélisle, M., & Giroux, J.-F. 1995. Predation and kleptoparasitism by migrating Parasitic Jaegers. Condor 97: 771-781.

Chapitres de livres

Desrochers, A. & Bélisle, M. 2007. Edge, patch and landscape effects on chickadee movements. Pages 243-261 Dans Advances in evolution and behaviour: Case studies in the New World paridae. Editeur: K. Otter. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.

Desrochers, A., Otter, K. Bélisle, M., & Olson, J. 2007. Landscape ecology, behavior, and conservation issues. Pages 293-298 Dans Advances in evolution and behaviour: Case studies in the New World paridae. Editeur: K. Otter. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.