CIR803 - English for Environmental Communication

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Ce cours n'est plus offert à l'inscription depuis le 8 décembre 2017.


2e cycle
3 crédits
Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines
Cible(s) de formation

Developing one’s English skills in order to produce written documents and giving oral presentations within a professional mandate in the fields of environment or sustainable development. Improving one’s ease, accuracy and efficiency in oral and written English communications in contexts of academic and professional collaborative work.


English language support for the writing of professional and academic documents as well as for the oral presentation of projects in the field of environment. Grammatical and phonological improvement. Field-related terminology enrichment. Oral and written communications strategies: structuring of ideas; referencing, citation and epicene writing methods; adjustment of the tone and register; revision and homogenization of individual and collaborative documents.


Level 4 on the English Placement Test or completion of ANS300 or ANS320 or higher.