BAA139 - A Manager's toolbox : Communication aspects

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Baccalauréat en administration des affaires


1er cycle
2 crédits
1 trimestre
École de gestion
Cible(s) de formation

To be able to use the main personal computing tools in the work of a manager. Learn to interact both in written and oral communications in a professional matter, adapted to the circumstances of organizational life. In public presentations, gain attention and ensure the understanding of the message. Learn to develop a business network, to introduce oneself, and to promote own skills and competencies.


Use of the main features of a spreadsheet, of a graphic presentation software, and of a query database language to resolve administrative issues. Basic principles of message structuring. Organize and express ideas according to the type of messages, media, and recipients presents in an organizational environment. Receive a message and follow up appropriately. Effective facilitation of work meetings. Praparation and presentation of a sales pitch. Preparation and presentation of a conference. Story telling. The pitch. Learn to use networking tools and how to network.