PED622 - Leading Change Through Program Evaluation


2e cycle
2 crédits
1 trimestre
Faculté d'éducation
Cible(s) de formation

Participants will examine the relationship between the program approach, competency-based education and the current emphasis on ensuring continuous improvement. They will learn about the guidelines and framework put forward by the Commission d'évaluation de l'enseignement, purposes of evaluation, the link between program evaluation and classroom assessment and program evaluation methods. Participants will also examine how to promote an institutional commitment to self-evaluation.


Current focus on assessment and Program evaluation as part of a larger movement; principles underlying Quebec's Cegep curriculum; norms and values underlying evaluation practice; existence of and role of government and institutional policies regarding assessment; knowledge base of evaluation and program evaluation; steps in well-constructed evaluation process; program evaluation framework put forward by the Commission d'évaluation de l'enseignement collégial; quality Assurance; culture of evaluation; leadership qualities to impact change.