ANG753 - Post-colonial Studies / Études postcoloniales


2e cycle
3 crédits
1 trimestre
Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines
Cible(s) de formation

To understand the interdisciplinary field of Post-colonial Studies and literary and cultural performances of settler-indigenous relations, Old World-New World relations, French-English relations, and globalized and local relations in Canada in terms of colonial, post-colonial, neo-colonial, and decolonizing practices.


Comparative study of novels, poems, plays, short stories, essays, and films among settler colonies and non-settler colonies. Exploration of a variety of performances of the colonized and the colonizers by indigenous, English, French, and minority ethnic subjects within Canada. Theories of the colonial implications of cultural mobility ("discovery", exile, migrancy, dislocation, transnationalism), cultural mixing (miscegenation, creolization, metissage, hybridity, liminality), and cultural domination (genocide, settker invasion, assimilation, anglo- and franco-conformity, mimicry) with attention to the environmental as well as the human impact of these practives.