Study Programs with International Components at UdeS

Knowing that its students will be working in a world where boundaries are becoming more permeable, the Université de Sherbrooke has made it a priority to increase the intercultural and international profile of its academic community. To reach this objective, the University encourages initiatives that make it possible to include concepts of international relations and multicultural awareness in the study programs it offers its students.

The Université de Sherbrooke now offers:

  • a dual-diploma program (information en français) that includes a Master’s degree in Administration with a concentration in International Management, a concentration in Management and Sustainable Development and a concentration in Public Management;
  • a study term or a work term outside Quebec (information en français) in the Master’s degree in Administration with a concentration in Public Management, in the Master’s degree in Environment without thesis, in the Graduate Diploma in International Ecology, and in the Master’s degree in Biology with a concentration without thesis in International Ecology;
  • student exchange programs (information en français) in which students can complete a part of their study program at a university outside Quebec;
  • study programs with the possibility of a study tour outside Quebec (information en français), notably in the Bachelor’s degree in History and Bachelor’s degree in High School Education programs, in the Certificate in Visual Arts, in the Master’s degree in Humanities of the Religions, and in the Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Education.

For more information on study programs with international components at the Université de Sherbrooke, visit the UdeS Students section (information en français).