Main Sherbrooke Campus

Truly a university village unto itself, the Main Sherbrooke Campus is composed of over thirty buildings, most of which are linked through a network of underground pedestrian tunnels. This campus brings together university management offices and seven of the university’s eight faculties: Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Letters and Humanities, Sciences, as well as Sports and Physical Education.

Other buildings also located on the Main Campus are:

  • The Georges-Cabana pavilion, which houses the Registration and Information hub; the Service Centre, the Humanities Library as well as management and other administrative services offices;
  • Two blocks of student housing, with a total 740 rooms;
  • The Multifunctional pavilion, which houses the main cafeteria and other commercial services;
  • The Univestrie pavilion, with its modern sports installations;
  • The Cultural Centre and the Maurice-O'Bready theatre, an entertainment facility with 1700 seats, and winner of several national awards for the quality of its shows and concerts;
  • The Student Services pavilion where students have access to a medical clinic, to financial services, vocational and psychological services and to student support clinics.

Sherbrooke Health Campus

The Sherbrooke Health Campus brings together the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, a 400-bed hospital centre, the Clinical Research Centre and the Pharmacology Institute.

Also part of the Health Campus are:

  • Student housing facilities
  • Health Sciences Library
  • Bookstore
  • Cafeteria
  • Sports centre
  • Many other services

Moreover, a brand new pavilion was recently built on the health campus. Dedicated entirely to students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, this building consists of modern classrooms, the Information hub and the Info-centre as well as a videoconferencing room, all of which increase access to the newest technologies.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, which comprises some twenty departments, offers more than 30 study programs at the bachelor, master and doctoral degree levels.

Longueuil Campus

Located in Longueuil, close to Montréal by the Jacques-Cartier bridge and the Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke subway station, the Longueuil Campus brings together thousands of individuals (teachers, students and trainees).

The Longueuil Campus offers more than 80 continuing education programs, mainly graduate programs in Administration, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, Letters, Sciences, and Theology, Ethics and Philosophy. Most of the programs, at the bachelor, master or doctoral levels, are offered on a part-time basis, at night or over the weekend, or in intensive formats that allow professionals to continue working.