It is essential that you begin looking for housing as soon as you are admitted to the Université de Sherbrooke. This is your responsibility. Compared to other North-American cities, Sherbrooke offers several types of housing at lower costs. However, most being already occupied, make sure you have housing before your arrival in Quebec. You can live either on campus, in residences, or find accommodation off campus.

University Residences

Why live on campus?

  • To save money;
  • To save time: you do not have to look for an apartment and you can spend your time doing something else;
  • To save more time: residences are located on campus, close to faculties;
  • To fit in faster: activities and associations provide company and support.

CAD: Universal symbol for Canadian dollars

What is the value of the Canadian dollar?

Types of rooms

There are several types of rooms. Each room includes basic furniture (bed, desk, bookcase, chest of drawers, closet, refrigerator and a chair). You must therefore have some articles so that your first days in residence are comfortable: blankets and a pillow, a bath towel, some kitchen utensils, some food, etc. For those residents who own a car, there are a limited number of reserved parking spaces available. All students registered at the Université de Sherbrooke may rent a room in the residences. However, they are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. So make sure to reserve early.

For more information, visit the Residences and Housing at the Université de Sherbrooke Web site (en français).

Off-Campus Housing

In the neighbourhood surrounding the Université, several owners rent apartments or rooms, with 8 or 12-month leases. These apartments are often furnished and adapted to student needs. To find off-campus housing, visit the Uni-logi Web site (en français).

You can also visit the following Web sites (en français) to find an apartment in the Sherbrooke area:

Quebec Housing Glossary

Lease (bail): A lease is a contract between the owner and yourself, and it can help you to avoid rental problems. When you rent an apartment or a room off campus, be sure to sign a lease. The duration may be 4, 8 or 12 months, depending on your agreement with the owner. Before you sign, read all the details, because once you have signed the lease, it is very different to cancel.

Studio: Apartment with one big room.

Apartment (logement) 2½: Apartment with two main rooms (usually of medium size) separated with one wall; the ½ is the bathroom.

Apartment (logement) 1½ to 6½: The figure corresponds to the number of rooms in the apartment; the ½ is the bathroom.

 Type of ApartmentsLiving RoomBedroom(s)KitchenBathroomPrice Range (CAD$)
 1½ (studio) 1PP200-300
 2½ 1PP250-350

Prices indicated above are to be used as reference only and can be higher in some cases.

Furnished Apartment (logement meublé): Furniture is included, but you must buy tableware and other essential products. You should ask exactly what is included in the furnished apartment because it can differ from one place to another.

Semi-furnished Apartment (logement semi-meublé): The refrigerator and stove are the only pieces of furniture included; you must furnish the rest of the apartment.

Apartment “all included” (logement « tout inclus »): Heating, hot water, electricity and furniture are usually included in the price of the “all included” apartment. You should ask exactly what is included in the furnished apartment because it can differ from one place to another.

Apartment close to a convenience store (dépanneur): Apartment close to a small grocery store open outside regular business hours.