International Mobility of Professors and Scientists

Research conducted by Université de Sherbrooke professors has contributed to the increase of knowledge in several fields of innovation.

Université de Sherbrooke Professors and Scientists

With over 100 research teams bringing together leading experts in their fields, the Université de Sherbrooke is recognized as a leader in research. The Université owns close to 300 patents and is first in Canada in annual revenues generated by discoveries and inventions with royalties amounting to $11.1M in 2004.

Discover, en français, the research teams and research centres and the research chairs of the Université de Sherbrooke, as well as the current research being conducted.

Postdoctoral Fellows and Students

Admission and Supervision Policy

In September 2000, the Université de Sherbrooke implemented an Admission and Supervision Policy for postdoctoral fellows. Prospective fellows must read the policy before registering. Please see the Admission and Supervision Policy for Postdoctoral Fellows (en français

Admission and Registration

Postdoctoral fellows must complete four originals of the Admission and Registration to a Postdoctoral Fellowship form. The four originals must be forwarded as follows: one copy to the postdoctoral program Director, one to the faculty, one to the Registrar’s office, and one copy to be kept by the applicant. Part of the form must be completed by the postdoctoral program Director and another part by the faculty’s Vice-Dean of research.
The following documents must be included with the registration form:

  • Birth certificate
  • Doctorate diploma (if not issued by the Université de Sherbrooke)
  • Photocopy of a health insurance card (or proof of registration in a group medical insurance plan)

The Admission and Registration to a Postdoctoral Fellowship form can be downloaded in PDF format. For more information, visit en français the Research and Creation Services Web site.