CEGI becomes 3IT

The Year 2008-2009 has been a turning point for the Center of Excellence in Information Engineering (CEGI) since it witnessed the change of its center’s status into an academic institute. Since then, a first time effort for setting up a visibility plan that meets CEGI’s ambitions is taking place with the creation of a meaningful and timeless name.

New name: Institute for Interdisciplinary Innovations in Technology (3IT)

New positioning statement: Conception, integration and valorization from nanotechnology to systems and their applications
Thus, the new name valorizes the recent recognition as an institute, a status that is justified by the critical mass of researchers. Furthermore, instead of “Information Engineering”, terms chosen in 2002, preference was given to “interdisciplinary” and “innovations in technology” for the synergistic character they evoke in the works performed in the institute’s high technology sectors. The new positioning statement adds to the new name with the aim of specifying the transversal character of the activities (concept, integration and valorization) as well as the institute’s fields of activities (from nanotechnology to systems and their applications).

It is in a collegial setting that the members chose the new name, first of a long line of steps leading to the creation of an image and visibility plan according to the institute’s vision and mission.