Technical and Professional support

Bertrand, Guillaume
Clean Room technician
Physical systems, vacuum systems and thermal processes.

Blackburn, Daniel
Clean Room technician
Electronic and physics systems.

Bouzazi, Boussairi
Photovoltaic, electrical characterization, III-V epitaxy.

Convert, Laurence
Responsible for the training of users at the LCSM.Biosensors, microcalorimetry, microfluidics, embedded systems, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and detection of charged particles.

Ecoffey, Serge
Associate professor
Microfabrication, nanoelectronic, chemical mechanical planarization - CMP, 3D integration, MEMS.

Gour, Marie-Josée
Research professional
Responsible for external services.
Project management, optical / telecommunications devices, micro and nano fabrication, photolithography and plasma.

Grondin, Étienne
Research professional
Technical Coordinator of 3IT.nano.
Responsible for coordinating the scientific and technical activities of 3IT.nano's micro and nano manufacturing facilities.
Responsible for micro and nano-manufacturing projects for the Institut Quantique de Sherbrooke.

Hassen, Mohamed Walid
Research professional
Manipulation of biological material, chemical and biochemical surface modification for the development of biosensors. For more information visit:

Huillier, Carine
Research professional
3IT.nano Administrative Coordinator.
Responsible for billing services, planning and budget monitoring.

Jaouad, Abdelatif
Associate professor 
Electronic and optoelectronic components: Simulation, Micro / nano fabrication, Photovoltaic.Plasma processes: deposition, etching, surface treatment, Electrical characterization.Passivation of the surface of semiconductors, PECVD, thin films: deposition and optimization of electronic, optical and mechanical properties, ICP etching, CPV.

Labrecque, René
Laboratory management agent
Responsible for inventory and supply management.

Lacerte, Michaël
Physics technician

Lalumière, Félix
Research professional
Responsible for electronic microscopy systems and nano processes.

Langlois, Pierre
Research professional
Trainer and specialist of microfabrication processes and equipment in particular photolithography and characterization of devices.
Design, simulation, manufacturing, and component testing. Improvement of equipment and processes. Contact for laboratory users and external services.

Moumanis, Khalid
Research professional
Laser Safety Officer, semiconductor surface chemistry, biophysics, bacterial detection, infrared spectroscopy (Raman & FTIR), photoluminescence, laser band gap forging (UV and IR) ), bio-detection.

Paradis, Etienne
Research professional
Treatment and chemical processes, characterization of materials.

Parent, Samuel
Doctoral student

Pelletier, Hubert
Research professional
Semiconductor epitaxy and characterization, design, construction and management of vacuum chambers, LabVIEW and PLC automation, radiative heat transfer studies.

Roy, Caroline
Clean Room technician
Thin film processes, photolithography masks.

Sarra-Bournet, Christian

Research professional
IMDQ Coordinator (Infrastructure of Materials and Quantum Devices)