Bertrand, GuillaumeTechnicianPhysical systems, vacuum systems and thermal processes
Blackburn, DanielTechnicianMaintenance, repairs, electronics and physical systems
Convert, LaurenceResearch professionalBiosensors, microcalorimetry, microfluidics, embedded systems, PET and charged particle detection
Ecoffey, SergeAssociate professorNanoelectronics, chemical mechanical polishing CMP, 3D integration, MEMS
Gour, Marie-JoséeResearch professionalHead of external services, micro and nano fabrication, photolithography and plasma
Grondin, EtienneResearch professionalTechnical Coordinator of 3IT.nano. Coordination of scientific and technical activities of 3IT.nano facilities
Hassen, Mohamed WalidResearch professionalManipulation of biological material, chemical and biochemical modification of surface for the development of biosensors
Huillier, CarineResearch professionalAdministrative Coordinator of 3IT.nano. Billing, budget monitoring and user reception
Jaouad, AbdelatifAssociate professorSimulation, micro / nano fabrication, photovoltaics, deposition, etching, surface treatment, passivation of semiconductor surface, PECVD, thin layers, ICP etching, CPV
Labrecque, RenéTechnicianResponsible for the management of stocks and supplies, cutting of samples
Lalumière, FélixResearch professionalResponsible for electron microscopy systems and nano processes
Langlois, PierreResearch professionalResponsible for training at LNN. Photolithography, device characterization, design, simulation, fabrication, and component testing
Léveillé, EtienneResearch professionalDesign, Engineering and Security
Morin, StéphaneTechnicianThin film evaporation, ion beam etching, sample cutting
Morissette Jean-FrançoisResearch professionalDevelopment of micro manufacturing processes, characterization
Moumanis KhalidResearch professionalHead of training at LCSM. Lasers, Semiconductor Surface Chemistry, Biophysics, Bacteria Detection, Raman & FTIR, Photoluminescence, Laser Semiconductor Banding (UV and IR), Bio-Detection
Paradis, EtienneResearch professionalChemical processing and processes, characterization of materials
Parent, SamuelPhDFemto laser
Pelletier, HubertResearch professionalSemiconductor Epitaxy and Characterization, Design, Construction and Management of Vacuum Loudspeakers, LabVIEW and PLC Automation, Radiative Heat Transfer Studies
Roy, CarolineTechnicianThin film deposition, plasma etching and characterization
Turala, ArturResearch professionalMicro and nanofabrication, photovoltaic