3IT.Nano platform

The 3IT.Nano is a 1600 m² nanofabrication and characterization research facility, including 430 m² of class 100 clean room spaces and a state-of-the-art polyvalent equipment park. This infrastructure allows epitaxial growth of materials, micro-nanofabrication of devices and circuits, characterization (mechanical, electrical, optical, microfluidic, biological) and the packaging of microsystems.

Research at 3IT.Nano covers various fields such as micro and nanoelectronics, MEMS, renewable energies, high-power and high-frequency electronics, bio-detection, lab on chips and quantum devices.

3IT.Nano is proposing a unique model, built and sustained by 20 faculty members, giving access to both local and foreign users to a shared nanotechnology facility. This shared facility is particularly well suited to manage industry-driven projects as it offers unique opportunities from research laboratory activities to innovative product development and marketing support. Our model provides users with a team of technicians and professionals that allows the realization of complex projects and offers a unique opportunity for hands on training for the highly qualified personnel.