Microsystems characterization

Electrical characterization

  • C / V electrical measurement
  • I / V electrical measurement
  • Measure 4 points
  • Hall effect measurement

Optical characterization

  • Photoluminescence resolved in time

Cryogenic characterization

  • Multi-functional High Magnetic Field (PPMS) Physical Properties Measurement System
  • Shielded cryostat for null field with He4 or He3 for the characterization of Josephson and SQUID junctions
  • Variable temperature cryostat (VTI)


  • Contact profilometry
  • Optical profilometry


  • Ellipsometry
  • X-ray spectroscopy (EDX)
  • Cathodoluminesence (CL)

Optical microscope

  • Maximum magnification of 1000 X
  • Equipped with a digital camera connected to a PC
  • Diascopic and episcopic lighting
  • Observation in bright field or dark field
  • Polarizing filters (polarizer, analyzer)
  • Nomarski filter

Scanning electron microscope 

  • Possibility of observation under vacuum or variable pressure (up to 40 Pa)
  • Acceleration voltage: from 100 V to 30 kV, adjustable in steps of 10V
  • Probe size from 1nm to 20kV, 3nm to 1kV
  • Beam current: 4 pA at 20 nA
  • Magnification: from 20 X to 900 kX