Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)


Heat treatment of samples

Manufacturer and model

JIPELEC - JetFirst

Technical specifications
  • Heating with halogen lamps (12)
  • Maximum power: 30 kW
  • Maximum temperature: 900 ° C in thermocouple mode
  • Maximum temperature: 1050 ° C in pyrometer mode
  • Maximum substrate diameter: 4 ", compatible with small samples
  • Piloted by PC, thermal cycle recipes defined by the user and comprising up to 30 steps, acquisition of data during the processes
  • 4 gas lines for annealing under controlled atmosphere: (1) N₂, (2) hydrogen gas forming gas (N₂: H₂ 90:10), (3) oxygen, (4) Argon
Examples of available processes
  • Interdiffusion of quantum wells
  • Diffusion of metallizations for electrical contacts

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