Wet benches

Wet benches for general use


All chemical treatments requiring the use of liquid chemicals (cleaning, etching, surface treatments, nitrogen-jet drying, etc.)

8 wet benches available.


Canadian Cabinet

Wet benches for development


Wet benches dedicated to the manual development of resins by immersion or automated development.

3 benches available including 1 automated.

Manufacturer and model

SIC - WB-423061

Technical specifications

  • Work surface with extraction including a sink equipped with a tap and a deionized water shower and a nitrogen gun
  • Located in yellow room for use with photosensitive resins
  • Bench # 2 equipped with a development device Polos ADC for automated development of photosensitive resins.
  • For Polos ADC only :
    • Solid natural polypropylene construction
    • Substrates up to 200mm (8 ") or substrates up to 7" x 7 "
    • Range of speeds from 0-8000 rpm
    • Up to 50 programs, up to 99 steps per program
    • Valves controlled by the program controlling nitrogen, water and developer injection
    • Step length, speed, acceleration, and activation of programmable valves

Examples of available processes
  • Development of photosensitive resins (basic developers) by immersion
  • Development of resins sensitive to electrons (solvents) by immersion
  • Cleaning of samples, masks or accessories
  • Preparation of solutions or resin.
  • For the bench equipped with the ADC Polos: spraying developers such as MF319 and AZ400K and possibility of using other types of developers. Automated development of photosensitive resins including rinsing and drying of the sample

Plating benches


Plating benches allow us to make chemical depositions of metals. 

Examples of available processes
  • It is possible to deposit the following metals: Cu, Ni, Sn, SnAg, Au, CoP, NiFe, ....

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