Welcome to the world of microtechnology. Discover a platform dedicated to the study of objects on a submillimeter scale.

The microtechnology platform brings together three laboratories for the design, assembly and characterization of advanced prototypes involving expertise in microelectronics (including encapsulation for the integration of nanotechnology devices).

Characterization and Instrumentation

The mission of this platform is to develop electronic circuits for various applications such as medical imaging, microelectronics applied to large experiments in particle physics, development of communication systems and human–electronic interface. 

  • Four stations with computers are available for laboratory users. 
  • A MT1500 (microfer) welding station can be used to make corrections on printed circuits with small components. 
  • A radioprotection room can be accessed by this lab. This specific room allows experiments with radioactivity (certain levels have to be respected). To have access to this specific room, it is MANDATORY to have received the training on "Safe manipulation of radioactive sealed sources" given by the radiation protection service of the UdeS. 

Assembly, encapsulation and prototyping 

This platform has been set up to allow the development of chip and PCB assembly processes, chip encapsulation and assembly of PCB prototype. 

By enabling members of the academic community to use state-of-the-art prototyping equipment, it contributes to the evolution of research. Prototyping is also available to SMEs in the region. 

Experimentation and soldering

The purpose of this facility is to provide the 3IT community with access to basic testing equipment, experimentation areas with computers and a complete soldering station. 

  • Wires of various calibres are available on a self-service basis to facilitate assembly and student experimentations.

Platform's expertise

Here is an overview of the know-how in microtechnologies, developed thanks to a stable and permanent team of technicians and professionals:

  • Chip assembly (wirebonding, flipchip, thermocompression,...) 
  • Assembly of surface mounted (smt) and through-hole (Thru hole) parts, on printed circuits boards (single or double sided) 
  • Microassembly by thermocompression 
  • Lead-free soldering 
  • Laser Cutting and engraving on several materials 
  • Defect Analysis by X-Ray 
  • 3D Inspection 
  • Retouching (hot air and infrared) 
  • Plasma surface treatment 
  • Thermal cycling in plasma environmental chamber 
  • Curing of UV adhesives 
  • Integrated circuit design 
  • Printed circuit board (pcb) design  
  • Embedded software design on FPGA 
  • Equipment rental (oscilloscope, EmScan, ...) 
  • Training on equipment accessible in our laboratories 
  • Storage (freezer -40 ° C)