Platform management

Drouin Dominique

Professor - Co-director platform 3IT.Nano

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Charette Paul

Professor - Co-director platform 3IT.Nano

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Platfom coordination

Grondin Etienne

Research professional

LNN coordinator.

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 61941

Moumanis Khalid

Associate professor

LCSM coordinator.

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 65765

Huillier Carine

Research professional

3IT.Nano administrative coordinator : invoicing, budget planning, students welcoming

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 61390

Scientific and technical team

Bertrand Guillaume


Physical systems, vacuum systems and thermal processes

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 61013

Blackburn Daniel


Maintenance, repairs, electronic and physical systems

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 61086

Convert Laurence

Research professional

Biosensors, microcalorimetry, microfluidics, embedded systems, PET and charged particle detection

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 65895

Gour Marie-Josée

Research professional

External services management, micro and nano fabrication, photolithography and plasma

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 65762

Mohamed Hassen Walid

Research professional

Manipulation of biological material, chemical and biochemical surface modification for biosensors development

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 65716

Jaouad Abdelatif

Associate professor

Photovoltaics, deposition, etching, surface treatment, semiconductors surface passivation, PECVD, thin films, ICP etching, CPV

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 63706

Labrecque René

Supplies and stock attendant

Supplies and stock management. Dicing

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 65684

Lalumière Felix

Research professional

Electron microscopy systems and nano processes

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 61919

Langlois Pierre

Research professional

LNN training management. Photolithography, device characterization, design, simulation, fabrication, and component testing

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 61974

Morin Stéphane


Thin film evaporation, ion beam etching, sample dicing

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 62729

Paradis Etienne

Research professional

Chemical processing and processes, characterization of materials

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 65243

Pelletier Hubert

Research professional

Epitaxy, design, construction and management of vacuum chambers, LabVIEW and PLC automation, radiative heat transfer studies

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 62884

Roy Caroline


Thin film deposition, plasma etching and characterization

Phone : 819-821-8000 ext 62755