X-ray inspection system - GLENBROOK Technologies 70T

Includes the GTI-5000 Real-Time Image Workstation software suite, which enables advanced automatic image analysis for BGA chips. The tool automatically detects / measures tin voids in balls, qualifies the  sphericality of the solder balls (BGA) and detects weld bridges.

The device has a 5-axis positioner (X, Y, Z, inclination and rotation) and a laser pointer for alignment.


Focus spot diameter10 µm
Interior dimension28.5"L*30"P*23.75"H

(723 mm*1095 mm*1631 mm)
Anode voltage80 kV maxadjustable
Anode current100 µA maxadjustable


Copper trace on Silicon

Copper traces on Silicon (closer view)

QFN Inspection 

BGA Inspection