Manual thermocompression assembly system - FINETECH Fineplacer PICO TB

The Fineplacer PICO TB is a thermo-compression welding equipment for prototyping.  With a 5μm placement accuracy, it is ideal for applications such as flip chip, die attach or any other component requiring a new approach  of attaching to the substrate.


Placement accuracy5 µm
Field of view min1.6 x 1.2 mm
Field of view max20 x 15 mm
Minimum size of components0.125 x .125 mm
Maximum size of components40 x 40 mm
Working area280 x 117 mm
Heating table dimension50 x 50 mm
Heating table - temperature ramp20 degree/sec
Maximum temperature400°C
Force module (bonding)2-100 N (3 N resolution)
Ultrasound module20 W, 60 KHz
Dispensing module (solder, epoxy, ...)at front; suitable for 3 and 5 cc syringes


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