Rework and Reballing System - FINETECH PICO RS BGA

System for soldering / de-soldering surface-mounted components, and BGA reballing.

The key elements that allow the system to rework the  entire BGA components, up to the single solder balls, passing through the small passives (0201, with the current nozzles) are:


  • The precise opto-mechanical alignment between the "head" (nozzle) and the target (PCB, component)

    • Permitted by an optical beam splitter and a calibrated mechanics;

  • The vacuum, brought by a microscopic hole on the head, allows the system to lift a component;
  • Complete control over temperature and flow rate.

It is possible to have heads and stencil manufactured suiting our needs by the company Finetech


Placement accuracy5 µm
Field of view - min11.5 mm x 8.6 mm
Field of view - max69 mm x 53 mm
Component size - min.125 mm x.12 mmdepends on available tool (head/stencil)
Component size -max40 mm x 40 mmdepends on available tool (head/stencil)
External thermocouple  (opt.)2 maxfor process control / adjustment


Complete equipment