3-D Optical Inspection System - CALTEX RX-100-BGA

With the innovative 3D rotation view, in addition to the 90 ° observation mirror for BGA / QFP, this camera offers unprecedented BGA inspection capability. Quality control and fault analysis is easily done using the camera and tools. The  system is very easy to use and extremely robust for a production environment. Real-time view of the inspection, image capture of defects for documentation and measurement of the size of BGA balls.

  • Soldering checks
  • Variable working distance
  • Viewing angle (30°) over 360°
  • High resolution 2MP CCD color camera SONY 
  • Magnification 3x --> 100x
  • Complete image processing software


  • SMT soldering inspection
  • BGA inspection
  • Thru-holes walls inspection
  • Inspection and documentation for metal, plastic and other material
  • Failure analysis


Zoom Magnification15x-100x
Zoom Ratio1:6.5
Field of view2.4 mm at 100x  up to 16 mm at 15X
Viewing angle0° direct view/20° angular view
Working distance - direct view(15-100x) : 103 mm
Working distance - angular view 30°(15-100x) : 45 mm
Measurement accuracy (software)10µ at 15x, 1.6µ at 100x

Usage examples

Solder paste inspection

Fine pitch component inspection

Using the mirror for BGA inspection

J-Lead soldering inspection

Chip pictures

(here is the picture of ASIC ICFSHFE3 (4.56mm x 5.887 mm))