Temperature controlled chamber - ASSOCIATED ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS SD-308

Climate chamber is use to create a temperature-controlled environment from -65 to +200 degrees Celsius. Controlled via RS232 and possibility of using dry nitrogen atmosphere to avoid condensation inside the chamber.


OptionControl Interface
Working volume0.23 m cube (8 ft cube).6 x .6 x .6m (2 x 2 x 2 ft)
Temperature range-65 à +200°C (-35 to +392°F)Purge of dry nitrogen is recommanded at 10°C, necessary under -5°C
Rise time, +25° towards +200°C30 minutes
Fall time, +25° towards -65°C40 minutes

There is an access port on the right side of the machine that allows the output of cable (ex: for powering a circuit under test).

When this port is not used, a plug is available to close it.